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Middle East & Africa’s Telecom Specialist for Spares & Repairs 
Managed Care & Low OPEX Contracts

OEM Contract Auditing & OPEX Reducing Platform

OEM Contract Auditing & OPEX Decreasing Proven Mechanism Audit, Analyze & Re-Negotiate your OEM Contracts
Lower OPEX in Field Maintenance, Staffing, Power Related Expenses
Our associated advisors are Senior Executive Sharks who have negotiated billion $ contracts for & against the OEM

OPEX Savings Potentials


Staff Related areas

  • Multi-skilled field specialists

  • Staff location – proper number of people per area, city, etc.

  • Constant measurements of staff’s workload



Power Generators

  • Fuel cost reduction solutions ( hybrids, filters, delivery, security)
  • Generators: nominal power optimization



Staff Management Tools

Field specialists remote monitoring through management systems with GPS tracking and remote terminals



Overall Verification & Optimization

Consumables, spare parts, cost and vendors

Infinity Supply uses the latest localized data to perform the most accurate analytical reports to allow you 20-50% Savings on your current contracts.